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Deltis Bath Lift  With Swivel Transfer SeatDeltis Bath Lift With Swivel Transfer SeatDeltis Bath Lift With Swivel Transfer Seat 1Deltis Bath Lift With Swivel Transfer Seat 2
Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift Swivel Transfer Combo
  • One of the Lightest Reclining Bath Lifts Available, only 23 1/4 Lbs.
  • Compact Frame Fits Virtually Any Bath Tub. Lowers to 2 3/4”
  • Reclines to 40 Degrees
  • Weight Capacity of 309 lbs.
  • Swivel-Sliding Transfer Seat
  • Supportive Backrest Able to Recline to 40 Degrees
  • Latest Technology in High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries.
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Key Features Of The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift With Swivel Transfer Seat

  • Lowers to 2 3/4” From the bottom of the bath tub
  • Swivel and Slide Transfer Seat
  • Latest technology in high performance Lithium Ion batteries, with a 3 year warranty. The bath lift will not lower is there is not enough power in the batteries to raise the bath lift back up.
  • Premium charging system that will fully charge in 1 hour, Should you find your battery in need of charging, all it takes is 20 minutes for an additional and immediate full lift cycle (down and up)!
  • Optional extra row of suction cups for added stability
  • Reclines to a relaxing 40 degrees for the ultimate relaxing bath.
  • Recline of the backrest is controlled by the user, you may choose to recline slightly to maximize legroom is shorter bath tubs.
  • Raises to 18” for deeper bathtubs
  • Stable and strong with a weight Capacity of 309 lbs.
  • Lightweight at only 23 1/4 Lbs. The back rest and base can be separated for ease of transport in and out of the bath tub or taken on a trip.
  • Compact frame fits virtually any bath tub. Lowers to 2 3/4”
  • Made In Germany


Your New Powered Reclining Deltis Bath Lift Includes:

  • Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Powered Bath Lift
  • Swivel and Slide Transfer Seat
  • Waterproof Hand Controller / Remote with Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Premium Battery Wall Charge system
  • Back and Seat Cover
  • 6 " Transfer Flaps
  • 4 Suction Cup Feet Are Included (Additional middle suction feet Are available below for additional adhesion to the bath (For 6 Total ) Click here to order
  • No Sales Tax outside of NC
  • 3 Year Patterson Medical Manufacturer’s Warranty on Hand Controller and Batteries
  • 3 Year Patterson Medical Manufacturer’s Warranty on Frame and Motor


Free Measurement Assistance

Expert and friendly bath lift advice, product knowledge and service. With our free bath tub measurement assistance we can help you determine if the Deltis will fit in your bath tub - Call Today 877-573-8311 - WE ARE THE EXPERTS !


Important Factors for selecting the proper bath lift

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  • Depth of the inside of the bath tub at the center
  • Length of the floor of the bath tub
  • Total Width of the bath tub (outside to outside)
  • Is the bath tub rectangular or oval in shape on the inside?
  • Is the bath tub a Jacuzzi or garden style tub?
  • Is there any texture on the floor of the bath tub?
  • Weight of the individual that will be using the bath lift
  • Does the individual have difficulty moving along a bench while seated?
  • Is the individual user able to stand up without assistance from a dining room chair?



Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift

When the time comes that you find yourself in need of assistance to care for yourself or a loved one, the search for safe, reliable and affordable products is time consuming and confusing. Enormous effort may be required to find a way to provide even the simplest and most basic of needs. Senior citizens, the elderly, disabled individuals and their caretakers may find themselves overwhelmed even when simply trying to enjoy one of the most fundamental rites of personal care: bathing.


While therapeutic and relaxing, bathing is also simply a daily necessity. All too often, this need cannot be met when caring for senior citizens or disabled individuals. The danger of slipping in the bath, dropping the individual in the bathtub, or being unable to lift them out of the bath tub makes this option impossible. Caregivers may not be able to maneuver the person without causing risk or personal harm and so the elderly or disabled resign themselves to sponge baths, thus losing the therapeutic benefits a bath provides.


Patterson Medical understands the needs of the millions of Americans who find themselves in need of mobility access products to assist them in their daily lives. Specifically, they have introduced a bath lift that may well prove to be the solution so many millions have been looking for. The Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is the industry’s number one reclining bath lift, combining superb functionality, outstanding performance and great design to provide tremendous efficiency while accommodating the needs of its users.


One of the most innovative and appealing aspects of the Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is the super fast one-hour charging time. Comparable bath lifts available today take overnight to re-charge. Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift is the only lift on the market today that has charges fully in one-hour. Once the bath lift has completed its descent, the reclining level is adjusted using the triple sealed waterproof hand controller. The user can select any angle of recline up to 40° to achieve the most comfortable and safe position. Speed is decreased and sufficient legroom is maintained during the reclining of the backrest for the comfort of the user.


Operation of the bath lift is simple and large textured control pads assist the visually impaired.


Large flaps on the side of the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift allow for easy transfers and an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat are available as an assistive aid for transfer in and out of the bath tub. When assisting seniors or disabled individuals from a wheelchair or other seated position, the swivel slide seat accessory proves invaluable!


The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift features advanced battery technology that allows approximately 6 lifts on one full charge, and can be fully charged in only 1 hour. An audible beeping sound and warning light notify you when the reclining bath lift needs to be charged, and an intelligent built-in safety system prevents the lift from lowering unless it has enough power to raise the user out of the bathtub


The lightweight compact yet durable plastic design makes cleaning your Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift easy and ensures years of use. The snap-together design and built in holding points make assembly, disassembly, and moving of the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift practically effortless. Seat and back simply click together for assembly, or snap apart for removal. No installation or wiring is required.


The Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is the Leading Bath Lift in the Industry !




Maximum Weight 300 lbs.
Height 2.75" x 18"
Back Rest 26 3/4 " x 13 3/4 "
Maximum Recline 40 degrees.
Over All Width (seat incl. side flaps) 28"
Width of Seat 14 3/4 "
Depth of Seat 19 3/4 "
Height of Backrest 26 3/4 "
Width of Backrest 13 3/4 "
Width of baseplate 11 1/2"
Length of Baseplate 22 "

Bathmaster Deltis Powered Bath Lift

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Item #: 81556463 - 81560366a

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