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Bath Lifts for the Seniors - Home Accessibility
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Bellavita Bath Lift
Archimedes Bath Lift By Mangar
Bellavita Bath Lift
Bellavita Bath Lift Review - Fall Powered Bath Lift Sale | Home Accessibility
Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift Demonstration Video
Sonaris Bath Lift Review
Bath Lifts - Home Accessibility
Fall Bath Lift Sale Deltis Powered Bath Lift & Bellavita Bath Lift | Home Accessibility
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Bathmaster Deltis Powered Bath Lifts For Elderly and Seniors
Bathmaster Deltis Powered Bath Lift By Home Accessibility
Bellavita Bath Lift | Home Accessibility

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Bellavita Bath Lift Review

Designed by nursing professionals, the Bellavita bath lift has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort and safety to the user. Bellavita Bath LiftIt comes with a padded seat and back rest providing tremendous comfort for the user. This bath tub lift offers superb functionality and outstanding performance. The Bellavita bath lift also reclines to 50° and the waterproof hand control is buoyant so it is always within reach. Most bathtub lifts can lower their seat height between 3-4 inches but with the Bellavita bath lift it is possible to descend 2.3 inches from the bottom of the bathtub. This makes it an excellent choice for deep tubs.

Furthermore, this practical bath tub lift is battery powered and the user can get up to 18 lifts with a fully charged battery. With safety in mind, the individual can experience a secure feeling with the 4 sturdy suctions cups that stick to the bottom of the tub. The suction cups also have an immediate release function as well. The safety mechanisms featured with this bath tub lift are built-in and very similar to others in the industry. Sanitation and cleaning is a breeze with the Bellavita bath lift because it comes with a cover that is washable. Read Entire Bellavita Bath Lift Review


Sonaris Bath Lift Review

Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift reviewThe Sonaris Bath Lift is a superb and outstanding Bath Lift at the top of its class. Regarded number one in the industry, the Sonaris Bath Lift is among the only mobility products of its kind. For many people and for many reasons, mobility aids are a wondrous achievement and product. The Sonaris is especially suited for the purpose of assisting individuals with as much efficiency and accommodation as possible.

Bathing is essential in our daily routines, but it’s an ability that some of us may have trouble with at times. In large part, seniors at some point find themselves in need of assistance to continue enjoying the benefits of bathing independently. A Bath Lift like the Sonaris is ideally suited for alleviating the fears an elderly, handicapped person or their loved ones may have. The therapeutic benefits of a hot bath are restored with an aid such as the Sonaris. Wet floors, sharp corners, and falling should not be a concern preventing one from a necessary part of life such as bathing.

Most all bath lifts on the market today pale in comparison to the Bathmaster Sonaris in design, comfort, safety and price. With the Sonaris, one can recline to a degree of comfort according to the individual’s preference. Other mobility products only leave the option of an upright ..Read Entire Sonaris Bath Lift Review


Archimedes Bath Lift  Review

The Archimedes is one of the very best and desirable bath lifts for the disabled and elderly in the industry. This excellent product provides the user with an enjoyable bathing experience with its superb functionality, outstanding performance and great design. This accommodating bath lift is quickly becoming very popular among the public with the many features and benefits it offers.

This amazing bathtub lift is extremely lightweight which makes portability from one bathtub to the other easy. Since this product only weighs 22 pounds one can actually take it on vacation or while traveling.

For the taller person the Archimedes is the best in the industry. This superb bathtub lift has a high backrest and a longer seat for greater support. It provides the greatest leg room giving freedom and ease as the user ascends or descends in the bathtub. The Archimedes bath lift is named after this distinguished expert in the field of science. It is a great choice for assisted bathing needs. The elderly and the disabled can enjoy the therapeutic and cleansing benefits of a warm bath free from slips and falls.

Read The Entire Review of The Archimedes Bath Lift

Petermann 48 Bath Lift Review

The Petermann model 48 provides sound assistance regarding mobility and many features that will delight the user. There are many Petermann 48 Bath Lift Reviewcharacteristics about the Petermann 48 bath tub lift that will ensure that the user will be accommodated so that he or she can enjoy a relaxing warm bath.

The Petermann 48 Bath lift has an amazing lifting height of 19 inches and has been especially designed for much-needed home care. If the user is disabled to the point where he or she cannot moved to and from the edge of a bathtub and then to the bottom and raise back up unassisted, then the Petermann 48 is the right choice.

This product definitely provides a way for the elderly and disabled to bathe unassisted. Home care is made simple with the Petermann 48 Bath lift. Folks of advanced age and the handicapped can now enjoy a refreshing and cleansing bath with dignity.

The average bathtub depth ranges 17 to 18 inches. As stated earlier, the Petermann 48 bathlift has a lifting height of 19 inches which makes it an excellent choice for any bathtub that is deeper than the standard. Read The Entire Review of The Petermann 48 Bathtub Lift .



Petermann 58 Bath Lift Review

There is a product that exists which is designed especially for hot tubs and whirlpools so that the elderly and disabled can enjoy this awesome experience. The constant circulation of heated water that emanates from the jets of a whirlpool can now soothe those who Petermann 58 Bath Lifts - Review By Home Accessibilitysuffer from arthritis and the relaxation of their muscles can now be realized. Both, which in turn, will produce better movement. The Petermann 58 is the hero who has come to the rescue!

The Petermann 58 reclining lift is the most unique mobility aid for an individual that needs assistance in a whirlpool or hot tub. It provides a way for the elderly and disabled to bath or just enjoy relaxation with comfort. The Petermann 58 bath lift has been especially designed for home care and has an amazing lifting height of 23 inches, the largest lifting capability in the bath lift industry. Because of this great lifting height it is a wonderful choice for any whirlpool or hot tub. The whirlpool and hot tub typically has a deeper range than the traditional bath tub.

The Petermann 58 reclining bath lift continues to satisfy its customers with its features that guarantee the benefits of a therapeutic experience. With its incredible lifting ability, sturdiness, attractiveness, and ease of use, the Petermann 58 bath lift is the only choice for many. This product is reasonably priced relative to what it has to offer as it assists the needs of the disabled and elderly.

The Petermann 58 offers a stainless, high grade steel frame for absolute safety and the greatest possible stability. It is optionally adjustable or fixed back for a comfortable experience. Read The Entire Review Of The Petermann 58 Bath Lift

Mangar Comforter Bathing Cushion Reclining Bath Lift Review

People that suffer from back pain find it extremely difficult to take a bath. The unnatural curvature and hard surface in a bathtub puts immense stress and pressure on in all ready to diseased spine. This pressure, over time, can cause spinal stenosis which is a Mangar Bath Liftdebilitating disease in which the spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and nerves which results in agonizing pain and limits mobility.

Coping with this chronic pain is certainly a struggle while trying to bath. Conversely, The Mangar Comforter Bathing Cushion Reclining Bath Lift is a uniquely inflatable bathing cushion that can assist both the disabled and elderly who need mobility assistance in a bathtub.

This product can also function as a preventative maintenance cushion to prevent further damage to the spine.

Everyone wants to curtail the painful results from degenerative spinal disease that can be exacerbated by sitting on the bottom of a bathtub. The surface of a hard bath tub can further complicate an already injured or diseased vertebra by causing tremendous strain on many portions of the back. Many experts in the medical field of orthopedics recommend not sitting on the bottom of a bathtub. However, with the Comforter Bather Air Powered Bath lift, one can enjoy the soothing therapeutic and cleansing effects of taking a bath. This enjoyment can become apparent without any fear of negative effects on the spine.

The Mangar Bathing Cushion offers more than traditional bath lifts because it lifts you up with air using an Airflo battery operated low pressure pump. This product is an incredibly portable bathing cushion because it only weighs 4.5 pounds. Read The Entire Review of The Mangar Comforter Bather Bathtub Lift